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My name’s Will, and I work at as a Buyer sourcing really cool triathlon gear to share with the community.  This blog is a channel to highlight products on the market.

I completed my first triathlon in 2009, a sprint in Redondo Beach, CA, and have been hooked ever since, doing many more, including my first Ironman in Louisville, KY.  This accomplishment is a far cry from when I once weighed 300 pounds until my mid-twenties.

Prior to coming on board at, I was a full time litigation attorney often day dreaming about triathlons and all things related between the phone calls, emails, motion drafting, and court appearances.  I left the firm to pursue this other little interest of mine.

I can be contacted at will at onetri dot com.

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  1. Trevor Parrick permalink
    October 16, 2012 3:37 pm

    Hey from Bioplex Nutrition. We have some great recovery and endurance products! One with Clinical trials. Would love for you to try some great product from Bioplex Nutrition. How do we move forward with this?

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