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New 2XU Compression

August 4, 2011

There have been numerous articles and endurance sports  press on compression, with questions asking how it works and whether it works.  But notably missing are the answers by the manufacturers with clear instruction what is for what and when.  2XU, the craftsmen of products multiplying human performance, aim to demystify and answer those questions with their new line of compression.

What’s new about it, and why is it cool?  In short, the fabric has been updated with the latest technology from the test labs in Australia.  Scientists and researchers were involved every step of the way at the Australian Institute of Sport in the design of this new compression wear.  The end result is that it’s also been categorized, giving you a clear understanding and guide as to what to wear, and when.

Perform – this is the performance fabric used during athletic competition.   You use this while you’re running, doing a triathlon, and being active.  You can also use this while you’re paddle boarding, skydiving, snowboarding and Cross-fitting.

Refresh – this is for pure recovery.  I’m talking workouts that push lactic acid to say “hello” during those long and hard work outs or competitions.  Just finished a Cross-Fit competition?  How about finishing an Ironman across the country, and now you’re flying back home on a red eye to the West Coast to get back to work for Monday?  This is for you.

And for the combined, you have Xform, a cross between pure recovery and active compression.  The ying and yang, the swirl of frozen yogurts.

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