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2XU R:1 Tri Wetsuit

May 4, 2011

The Setup

Picture this:  You’re a sophomore triathlete now with some mad masters honed swim skills, but got mouth to feed/bills to pay/or you’re a student without a big budget, and you need wetsuit to replace the cheapest tri wetsuit you bought online last year.   What to do?  Wetsuits are tricky,  but there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Fit – a proper fit in terms of wetsuits is worth almost everything.  You’re looking to see what kind of panels the suit has, and where.  You’re going to want to try it on to see how it feels.  When buying online, you can usually return the wetsuit back to the retailer if it doesn’t fit after an initial try on.
  • Material – Does it have Yamamoto Neoprene?  What cell?
  • Coating – Does it have some sort of coating, such as SCS or the manufacturer’s proprietary coating?
  • Comparisons – Comparing the suits with others in its class might make your answer clearer – Wetsuit Comparisons.
With the above in mind, I’d like to introduce the 2XU R:1 Race as a mid-level replacement or addition to what you currently own as part of your triathlon gear.
Features on the 2XU R:1 Race Wetsuit
This suit features Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene, and has 2XU’s proprietary coating throughout the suit.  What this means is that you’re going to feel like a aquatic animal  (think dolphins,  seals, or if you’re so inclined, a shark) gliding through the water.  On the forearm (the blue looking surface that runs from the wrist to the elbow),  is a catch panel that helps you grab more water during the catch phase of your stroke.   The catch panel feature it something you’ll probably never see on an entry level suit.
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